All checks are processed and subject to approval by Telecheck 服务, which converts your paper check into an electronic item at the point of sale. Checks (delivered in-person OR mailed) 必须 meet the following requirements to be accepted by the 业务办公室:

标识: Checks require identification. This can be a driver’s license number and state listed on the check; or you may present a driver’s license, 军事id, or a government purchase identification card when delivering a check.

名称: Your name 必须 be imprinted on the check by the check manufacturer (no starter checks).

地址: Your physical address 必须 be on the check. If a PO Box is printed on your check, write in the full address.

电话号码: Your home or business phone number, with area code, 必须 be on the check. The phone number may be handwritten.

Financial Institution: The check 必须 be drawn on a U.S., Canadian, Puerto Rican or U.S. Virgin Islands bank.

检查数量: The check number 必须 be imprinted on the check.

日期: The date 必须 be written on the check; no pre- or postdates.

抬头: The check 必须 be payable to Columbus 科技nical College.

数额: The figures and words 必须 agree.

签名: For personal checks, the signature 必须 reasonably correspond to the name imprinted on the check.  

Check Map- CTC check policy


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